Below are various places in Mexico that I have visited.

Chichen Itza
A leading Mayan city-state of the Yucatan peninsula in the Post Classic period (800-1500). Named for the Itza (or Putun) Maya who settled there in about 850, it was captured by Kukulcan, a Toltec adventurer, around 1000 and remained under Toltec rule until it was conquered by Hunac Ceel in 1221, after which it was abandoned. The surviving monuments show the influence of the Toltec architecture of Tula, though they are built on a far grander scale.

The earliest date lifted from the site is A.D. 564 (the inscription on a stele) This places Tulum within the Classic period, though we know that its heyday was much later (1200 - 1521 A.D.) during the Late Post-classic period. Tulum was a major link in the Maya's extensive trade network. Both maritime and land routes converged here. Artifacts found in or near the site testify to contacts that ranged from Central Mexico to Central America and every place in between: copper rattles and rings from the Mexican highlands; flint and ceramics from all over the Yucatán; jade and obsidian from Guatemala and more.

The El Dorado Resort
Located on Kantenah Bay, south of Playa del Carmen, Mexico this All Inclusive resort is surrounded by 280 acres of unspoiled tropical jungle, on over one mile of a beachfront coconut plantation and in front of one of the most striking coral reefs in the world. Plus, having a perfect location in the center of the Mayan world, is the best spot to explore, adventure or hide away from it all.

Putna Mita
Shots from the small village of Punta Mita, about 1 hour north of Puerta Vallarta, on the northern tip of the Bay of Banderas.