Halloween 2004

Sweetwater River Cemetery

A1 A10 A11 A12 A2 A3
Cemetery Crowd Zombie Zombie Attack Skeleton Skeleton Glowing
A3a A4 A5 A5a A6 A7
Arise from
your Grave!
Cemetery 2 Cemetery 3 Trick or Treat? Rats Spider
A9 B1a B2 B2a B2b B3
Line Gypsy Gypsy 2 Crypt Entrance Spider Lighted Crypt Keeper
B310042 B4 B5 B6 C1 C2
Skeleton Enter! BOO! Ghost Coffin Crypt Fiend
C3 C3a C4 C5 D D1
Crypt Fiends Heads Creature Creature in
the Light
Spider's Lair Spider's Lair 2
D1a D1b D2 D3 D3a D4
Spider's Lair 3 Spider's Lair
Fiend Fiend 2 Crypt Fiend Crypt Fiend 2
E E1 E2 E3 E4 E5
Cemetery Crypt Keeper Zombie Zombie 2

Crypt Keeper
and Zombie

Cemetery Trees
E6 E7 E8 F1 F2 F3
Owl The Thing Back to the Grave Crypt Fiend
and Tombstone
The Reapers Reapers 2
Reapers Unmasked