Optional Wedding Ceremonies


Unity Candle

Groom’s mom, Bride’s mom light unity candles and take their seat.


After Vows:

Groom and Bride will now light the Unity Candle, a symbol of their marriage relationship. The candles from which they light it have been lit by their families to represent their lives up to this moment.

The lights, representing the faith, wisdom, and love they have received from their families, are distinct, each burning alone Groom and Bride will light the center candle to symbolize the union of their lives. As this one light burns undivided, so shall their love be one.

Groom and Bride come into their marriage relationship as individuals and they do not lose their identity, rather they use their individuality to create and strengthen the relationship of marriage. Therefore, the three candles remain lighted, one for each of them and one for their marriage, as symbols of their commitment to each other and to a lasting and loving marriage.


(Go together to light the Unity candle)




Breaking of the Glass

We will end this ceremony with the breaking of this glass.  Let this glass be a symbol of Bride and Grooms’s marriage. May this glass serve as a reminder of the fragility of marriage and the need to care for and nurture their bond together. Bride and Groom, may your marriage last as long as it takes for all these pieces of glass to be put back together again.


(Groom breaks glass wrapped in cloth)




Presentation of Family Ring

Rev: Some couples present a ring or other gift in recognition of the children they bring into the marriage.   Bride/Groom would like to make such a presentation to child(ren).


(Famliy member approaches the altar)


Bride/Groom:  This ring is round, symbolizing that love is a circle.  I give this ring to you child(ren), as a pledge to always include you in the love I have for your Father/Mother.  Please accept this ring as a symbol of our new family that begins today.




Sharing of the Cup

Throughout time, the sharing of food and drink has joined people together with love and trust. Groom and Bride have chosen to symbolize their trust and love for each other by partaking from One Cup.


(Pour wine into cup)


The years of life are as a libation poured out for you to drink. The cup of life contains within it the sweet wine of happiness, joy, hope and delight. The same cup, at times, holds the bitter taste of disappointment, sorrow, grief, and despair.


This cup is symbolic of the pledges you have to made to one another to share together in the fullness of life. As you drink from this cup, you acknowledge to one another that your lives have become one vessel into which all your sorrows and joys, all your hopes and fears, all you dreams and dreads, will be poured, and from which you will find mutual sustenance.


Drink now, and may the cup of your lives be sweet and full to overflowing.


(Present glass to Groom, he will sip and pass it to Bride.)


Rev :  After couple drinks, pour a libation onto the ground, saying :

We offer this Libation to be returned to the Earth that has blessed you with one another.




Jumping the Broom

Rev : “Jumping the broom, a very old tradition, recognizes a transition in your  lives. As you jump you leave your old lives behind and begin a new life, together. Tradition says the higher you jump, the more fertile (or prosperous) your lives together will be.”


Couple joins hands, designated person places the broom on the ground, couple jumps over the broom three times.


Rev takes broom and sweeps behind the couple to the edge of the Altar area, saying :


Rev :May all evil influences be swept out of your life.”